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Doctors helping doctors get the job done.

We all have plenty of procedures, documents and forms that we have developed over the years, but are yours the best of breed or has someone else out there built a better mousetrap? This site is designed to allow you to share your best and dowload the best that others have to offer.

Best of breed content
Don't reinvent the wheel
Spend your time helping customers instead of building business processes

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The Cool Springs Eye Care Team

Here are just a few of the folks who have been developing content worth sharing with others. We hope you will join our team of contributors.

From left:
Dr. Jessica Durham
Dr. Melissa Dow
Dr. Jeffrey Kegarise
Dr. Susan Kegarise
Dr. Jana Crim


“I saved so much time using forms that someone else already thought through. What a bonus!

Betty S, Little Rock AR

“I was so happy to find the ClinFax form on this site.

James D, Springfield, TN